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quarta-feira, 9 de outubro de 2013

Call GTA V "misogynist" is not to understand the proposal and black humor of the game

GTA is not just a satire but a crime world simulation too, they are not "good guys"
GTA has always been persecuted for being violent, Hillary Clinton has done even crusades against the game in the U.S. with the aim of banning the product of American homes and save families from its bad influence. What surprised me was the website Gamespot in their GTA V review done by a transsexual, punish the game for alleged "misogyny", which is the prejudice against women. 

In fact besides the popular Gamespot, almost nobody raised this misogyny issue in the analysis, and the game stayed with an average of 97/100 on the website Metacritic, with almost all verdicts praising the story, characters and humor of the game, including IGN's review that was done by a woman, where GTA V got full marks. 

A person who calls GTA V "biased", either with women or with anything else, and protests against the violence in the game, which includes scenes of torture and rape, does not understand two things: 

1 - The purpose of the game: 
GTA is not just a satire but a CRIME world simulation, and has the "male crime world" as main theme, what explains the lack of interest in criminal women. Dan Houser, the GTA V writer said on The Guardian that this is very important to the story.

Naturally male criminals will kill, steal, kidnap, rape, put the sexualized woman in the background, what to expect beyond that? What to expect from a game that simulates the cruelty and crime with perfection? Love? You can think that Michael, Trevor and Franklin are "good guys" but they are killing people and police for money! Please, face the reality and think about how the real crime world treats women? With love and flowers? Not at all. 

Topless beautiful girl partying hard in a GTA V Los Santos mansion

2 - The black humor : GTA is not a game that simulates reality so serious as many games do. The approach is fully based on black humor, a sarcastic, cruel, ironic, acidic type of humor that makes joke with absolutely everything that exists in our society, including taboos as sexism, religion, celebrities and violence. And this not GTA only, but about the Black Comedy in general.

"The purpose of black comedy is to make light of serious and often taboo subject matter, and some comedians use it as a tool for exploring vulgar issues, thus provoking discomfort and serious thought as well as amusement in their audience. Popular themes of the genre include murder, suicide, depression, abuse, mutilation, war, barbarism, drug abuse, terminal illness, domestic violence, sexual violence, paedophilia, insanity, nightmare, disease, racism, homophobia, sexism, disability (both physical and mental), chauvinism, corruption, and crime" says the Wikipedia about the theme.

Want to require a different behavior of the game from Rockstar is wanting to preach the banning of the game in its basic essence. This is the only truth about this matter and yes, there are people who hate the proposal of GTA. Unfortunately for the political correctness army and feminist duty, the game remains a great success, having billed 1 billion dollars in just three days in stores. 

GTA V has many jokes with men too

GTA misogynist? Not in the real sense, but only on the level of black humor and simulation of male crime world, which is not meant to be serious or pass moralists messages, but only exaggerates the realities of our society in order to make laugh. And if GTA V is a "celebration of misogyny" like the fail Gamespot review said, the game is a "celebration of violence" too, what is not true, because:

- The violence or misogyny is not real,
- The crime world simulation is the purpose of the game. They are not "good guys" to treat women well,
- Is based on black humor, it isn't a serious game.

Rockstar is free to decide if the protagonist will be a man or woman, and if the strip club will be male or female! The game don't deserve be punished for its choice. And for the comments on IGN, GTA fans don't want play as a girl:

Grand Theft Auto V is 97/100 on Metacritic score, with more than 100 perfect scores. To learn more about this, read this article. 

By Mateus Prado Sousa - twitter.com/gamesreflexoes 

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